About Us



My name is Bob and I founded e-cigsupply.ca. I was a 32-year smoker who failed at every attempt to quit. The effort was so life and mood altering that people who really cared for me probably secretly wished I would start up again. I'm not saying I was difficult to be around, but I must admit to myself and the innocent people caught in the crossfire that tirade I had over the long line at Tim's was a bit much. And the time the basement light was left on, and also when that loaf of bread had the nerve to get mouldy on me.  

I was luckily presented with an opportunity to try an e-cig. Being somewhat cynical about any product in this category I did not expect much. To put it mildly, my expectations were exceeded. Though the sample I tried was not quite as strong as I prefer, I could see the potential. I did a bit of homework online and was on my way! I now actually enjoy "vaping" more than I ever enjoyed smoking. It quickly became a hobby for me and few things give me as much joy as converting smokers to e-cigs.

Aside from eliminating hundreds of carcinogens and thousands of other chemicals known to be in tobacco smoke, the e-cig doesn't leave you, your car, your clothes and your house smelling of smoke. It does not expose the ones you love to second hand smoke. It doesn't stain your teeth or your tongue. It replicates the hand-to-mouth aspect of smoking as well as satisfies the cravings. It even lets you blow "smoke" rings if that is your thing! It also allows one to taper down the strength over time if one wishes to.