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Daedalus Coil DIY Tool

Daedalus Coil DIY Tool
Daedalus Coil DIY Tool Daedalus Coil DIY Tool Daedalus Coil DIY Tool
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Daedalus Coil Maker by Avidartisan
Have you been wanting to get into making advanced coils? Have you wanted to find an easier and faster way to make Clapton, Fused Clapton or Alien Wires? Well look no further! The Daedalus Coil Maker by Avidartisan has you covered with everything you need except wire and a Youtube machine to watch tutorials on. This amazing machine will make every coil perfect and give you the ability to… Set It and Forget It! Well, don’t forget it completely or you will spool your wire and stuff.
Daedalus Coil Maker Description:
This Daedalus coil maker is a game changer for beginner builders or even advanced builders that need to knock out some claptons while they watch the newest episode of Westworld. So what's so special about this thing? Avidartisan provides you with just about everything you need to get building unlike most other jig products.
This box set comes with a flat, box-style, drill powered by two 18650 batteries. (Not Included) It also comes with a very light jig device, spindle hook, c-clamp, and wire keeper together thingys. The box-style drill features forward and reverse action, a speed control knob and a keyless chuck. The chuck is probably one of our favorite parts because it actually closes all the way down with no gap. The coil jig is where the magic happens as it holds your spool of wire and keeps your core wire level with the drill. The coil jig is made out of plastic which would probably leave some people to believe it is cheaply made. Wrong. It’s made that way so it can push itself away from the drill as it makes your wire. The c-clamp and spindle help to keep your extra long clapton wires from spinning out of control like a game of double dutch jump rope. The wire keeper together thingys aka the “Magical Clapton Tool” actually helps keep your wires together when making fused claptons. That’s pretty much it, so go ahead and pick one of these perfect coil makers up for yourself and get your build on.
Daedalus Coil Maker Features:
Easy to Use
Includes Drill (Forward, Reverse, Speed Control & Keyless Chuck)
Make Clapton, Fused Clapton or Alien Wires Quickly and Easily
Great for Beginners or Advanced Builders
Intuitive Coil Jig
Magical Clapton Tool to Help Keep Wires Flat
Spindle Apparatus Keeps Long Claptons From Playing Double Dutch
Daedalus Coil Maker Contents:
(1) Daedalus Box-Style Drill by Avidartisan (2 18650 Batteries Not Included)
(1) Daedalus Smart Coil Jig by Avidartisan
(2) Magical Clapton Tool (For Fused Claptons)
(2) Swivel Coastlock
(1) C-Clamp
(1) Hex Nut & Spring

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