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This Store sells Tobacco products and/or accessories.

You must be at least 19 years old, or the minimum age required to purchase or use Tobacco products in your province of residence.

Payment Methods



Interact E-Transfer:

We recommend Interac E-Transfer payments.

All you need is an email address, access to online banking at a participating financial institution, and the email address of the person you are sending money to.

To send an Interac Email Money Transfer:

Please make the transfer to:


    Security question can be anything
    Security answer must be: strength

For more information about e-Transfer

We can only process your order once we receive payment. Once you have completed your order please arrange payment.


MasterCard, Visa

MasterCard and Visa payments can now be accepted online secured by GeoTrust.



Also, if you are local to Ottawa a meet-up could be arranged for cash or credit card payment.